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"Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional."

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Can’t believe you actually paid 200$ for a swimsuit for me. Smh we didn’t even go on a surprise trip to wear it

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As much as I wish it didn’t. Every single time I listen to Shadows I go back to that exact time in your car. With my head resting on your shoulder, foggy windows because it was so cold out. Then we hit a red light and you looked at me with a ” I love you”

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A F*ckyeah1990s Podcast: Waynes World, Mike Myers, My So Called Life

me and a friend talk about 90s shit, listen to this if youre bored and like podcasts… we’re going to make a new one completely devoted to the show “My So Called Life” tonight or within a few days, but in the meantime you should listen to this.. well if ur bored

i really enjoy these podcasts. i feel like i’m sitting in a room with close friends. Not all my friends are always nice but they are honest.

thats tight.. I NEED PODCAST FANS… i want 2 be podcast famous and do podcasts about 90s shows n stuff and like go 2 podcast conventions and have fans that listen to every podcast and like nerd out over them

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I miss the look you had in your eyes when you saw me. Everyone noticed it, everyone knew it. We were just too naive to do it.

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This historic 8mm footage of dog town’s founding members, was captured in the spring of 1977 by Wayne Babcock. Wayne has never released this footage nor has he shared his vintage dogtown skateboard collection with the public.

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